Our Mission

Actionable insights into overlooked companies.

We live in the information age with endless data at our finger tips. However if you’re a stock investor all this data can be paralyzing, when you Google a stock what comes up? Probably a data page like Yahoo Finance with all of the stocks technical attributes along with some press releases. Even worse those computer generated articles that are essentially worthless “ABC stock gains 2.67% in Light Trading on August 22”. In your search you will eventually find a Seeking Alpha article that will look good on first glance, but as you begin to read your brain will be filled with excruciating in depth analysis filled with technical financial jargon.

If you’re like most retail investors you want a life outside of investing, why has something so seemingly simple become so complicated? What happened to finding an overlooked company with good qualitative factors and strong financials then investing?

You might be thinking when investing into a company the more data the better. After all professional analysts comb through mountains of data then extrapolate a forecasted price. The unfortunate thing is that the majority of analysts forecasts end up being wrong. At ValueInvestr we believe less is more, we look at the big picture and overall opportunity in a stock. We focus on core metrics and tell the companies story in plain english so you can invest with confidence. When you read a ValueInvestr article you should feel as though you understand the company as a whole and its investment benefits and flaws.

Explore our ideas HERE and see for yourself.

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